Feature request /Sync to Engine DJ only changed Lists


First: Great Stuff!!

Got an request :slight_smile: When finished working with Lexicon I don’t now how many Playlists have changed because I have many “intelligent Playlists”. So I have to sync the whole library to Engine and from Engine to my Prime 4. That takes than a lot of time (Sync from Engine to the Controller)…

OK, I can chose what Playlist(s) should be synced with Engine and than the Sync to the Controller is really fast. But I don’t know witch Lists have changed :slight_smile:

So it would be really nice to have an Optionswitch where I can select that only all changed Playlist should be synced to Engine DJ. That would be great!

Maybe when Syncing to other Software than Engine DJ got the same Problem.

Excuse my bad English. Hope you understand what I mean.

Greetings Kai-Uwe

I understand and for normal playlists this could be an interesting idea later. But smartlists are special since there are no tracks in it really but it’s only a set of rules. So you can’t really know when their contents changed since they only update when you view them.

Hmmm…thats sad :wink: Any idea to to that in an other way?

In Engine DJ there are no Smartlists - So i thing Lexicon has to convert the Smartlist into “normal” Lists bevore an sync? Maybe there could be a point to start?

Everything is possible but there is a balance between what is useful and what the effort is and I don’t think this one reaches that balance, at least not at the moment.