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I have finally sorted all my tunes on laptop A down to 5k. I have got rid of all the rubbish and duplicates. I have gone through and edited every single track so they all have the right information. I have deliberately concentrated on genre. I have limited the genre down to about 20 categories. Can I now export all my tunes to file locations based on genre? My music is spread across hundreds of folders and I now want to replicate the files locations based on genre. If I can do this export I can then move the entire folder structure to laptop B. I have also used the extra1 tab in lexicon and changed every entry to old laptop so that when I mirgrate and then import to lexicon on the new laptop (Laptop B) I will hopefully be able to continue using the new folder structure.



In the “incoming” playlists settings, there is a way to move tracks when you are finished to new folders based on their metadata as you’ve described.

There might be other ways but this is the first one that comes to mind for me.

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What @seblo says is the way to let Lexicon move tracks.


Ok so I did a test with a file called Disco Falls(original mix) and in lexicon I set this to big room for genre. I found the file location on the ssd and moved it to the watch folder. Obviously it’s now displaying a broken link in lexicon under tracks as I moved the file however in the incoming folder its lost the genre information ie big room which I set in lexicon under tracks.

Hi Christiaan

So do I drag and drop my lexicon library into imports?

If you want to move tracks, you have to get them to the incoming screen first. You can do that by right clicking them in Lexicon → Edit → Recipes → Mark as incoming.
Or you can drag them from Explorer/Finder into the incoming screen. Watch folder works for that too.

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Thanks mate perfect worked Like a dream on
Both laptops cheers

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