Filter on multiple tags with logical AND

Hi, I just started using Lexicon and love it so far. I am using the tagging feature a lot, as it is the main reason I downloaded Lexicon. I am especially using the Mood tags a lot, and would like to, for instance, be able to view only those tracks which I have tagged with both “Dark” and “Party.” I have tried doing this in two ways, neither of which have worked:

First, in the tracks tab, with the “Tags” column enabled, I have tried entering a comma separated list of tags in the search field for tags, like “dark, party”, but this seems to just result in showing all tracks matching either tag, in other words it appears to be using a logical OR.

Second, in the tags tab, I have used cmd+click to select both dark and party, and then hit “show tracks”, and this seems to result in the same logical OR behavior.

Is there any way to filter by tags using a logical AND?


Best way to do this is by creating a smartlist and using a tags rule to select tracks that “has all of these tags” and select both dark and party

You can also get more granular by switching the smartlist to “All Rules” and addition additional conditional statements

Awesome, thank you, that solution works perfectly.