"Find currently loaded track" only works when in the same playlist

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Lexicon version: latest
Operating system (remove one): mac

Bug description:

The “Find currently loaded track” does not operate unless pressing the key when already at the playlist that contains the currently loaded track

Step by step to reproduce:

  1. Set hotkey for “Find currently loaded track”
  2. Play a track in a playlist
  3. Go to a different playlist
  4. Trigger hotkey
  5. Nothing happens

Expected behavior:

When pressing 4, switch playlists to the playlist that started playing the current track and select the current track.

Pressing the play button in the left sidebar brings me back to the current track in the current playlist.


Correct, it only works if you are either in the track browser that has all tracks or in a playlist with that track.

I’m not sure it should change page or playlist, that might be confusing

Changing page / playlist would be my preferred option (could be configurable to prevent confusion)

My workflow can consist of:

  1. Start listening to a track
  2. Click around in some playlists, checking if this track would fit the vibe on some playlist
  3. Want to add the currently playing track to that playlist, but I can’t quickly get back to the currently playing track with a hotkey

Clicking the play button on the left panel does this exact functionality already. Would be great to be able to hook it up to a hotcue

I think maybe a better solution would be that you will be able to drag the playing track right into a playlist. So maybe drag somewhere near the music controls, I’ll think about that.
That way you never need to find the playing track, just drag from the same place each time.

A workaround meanwhile is to use the hotkey Sidebar: All Tracks before using the currently playing hotkey.

Yes being able to drag the current track is an ideal solution (and/or a hotkey to “add currently playing track to current playlist”).

Thanks for the workaround, that works well

To make your workflow a bit faster, you can favorite playlists. Then once favorited, you can set up a hotkey to add the selected tracks to that playlist. You won’t need to use the mouse anymore then

Sadly my library is quite large and I have around 500 playlists.

I am absolutely loving the filter playlists search to mitigate library size - that is a huge upgrade from my previous workflow!

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