Find duplicates for new playlist in the whole library?

Is it possible to search for duplicates only for tracks in new integrated folder/playlist, but in the whole library?
Thanks in advance!

You can select any number of playlists and in the Find Duplicates popup, select the option to only scan selected playlists. Then it will only scan tracks found in those playlists.

It will still keep all other playlists working.

This way the duplicate scan is performed only inside the playlist. I wanna scan my complete collection for duplicates concerning the playlist.

Not sure what you mean… You can either run it on all tracks or on the tracks inside the selected playlists.

I wanna scan (only) the tracks inside the playlist for duplicates outside the playlist. I don’t wanna get all the results for a complete scan. In my collection there are more than 100 found “duplicates” (f.e. live versions, remixes) I wanna keep. Tolerance none is selected.

You can’t… You have to do a full scan then

What a pity. Is or will there be a solution to keep the former decision (locked) for tracks if chosen before?
What I’m also missing is the possibility to keep multiple tracks, if I have more than two duplicates.

You can right click tracks in the results and choose Ignore

The idea of the duplicate scanner is to get rid of your duplicates so that’s why there is no remembering the lock. Maybe you can change your artist or title for those tracks, then they won’t be picked up as a Tag Match.