Find duplicates, preferences, cues problem

first, I don’t understand why the preferences choices are not stored for the next use and not shown in the duplicates window.

Second, If I choose highest bitrate and use highest tags & cues. the highest cues ore not chosen, if they are different from the higest bitrate file. I have to correct this manually

Thanks in advance


I’ll make sure those settings are saved in the future.

The option “Use highest tags & cues” only works on Audio match results, maybe yours is a tag match?

Preferences are getting saved now, can you show me what you are doing when they are not getting saved?

Yes, no audio match. OK. But the playlist will be adapted automaticly?

I restartet the utility, cause I wanted to adapt something other before

Is there a possibility to get ignored records (directories) without a specific word like “live”? I have to many results with live records

You can run it on a playlist. So you can create a smartlist with the rule “Title does not contain live” or something, then run the scanner on that smartlist

Yes, your playlists will all keep working

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