Find Duplicates questions

May I have more help with the duplicates? please. (you wrote a great manual and I read it)

  1. From setting up FIND DUPLICATES on high, Lexicon found 30k dups on my first try ever.
    Did I do it wrong? (I have an extra large library 3TB).
    2.Also, before reviewing, should I lock or unlock?
  2. how do I know which track is kept?
  3. how do I know if the tracks replaced have all my cues points, loops, comments, grouping transferred over. does it merge?
  4. I am fascinated by this and I want to do it right since I wrote in my Serato tracks fields. I don’t want to loose 6 years of editing fields
  5. will it get rid of my pre-STEMmed tracks too? (sorry that s another topic)
    (I have read the manual for it, I m more visual and tactile learner)

Follow the procedure here: Find Duplicates | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

So don’t start with tolerance high. Start with Low and go up each scan. You may never need to put it on High, only if you really want to go through each possible duplicate.

The track that is being kept is explained in the result screen, every result has an explanation text under it.

Tracks with cues will get priority by default. If you want a different duplicate, just select it. If another duplicate has the cues you want to keep, right click and choose the option.

I would only sync to Serato once everything looks good in Lexicon. That way you can’t lose anything important.

Be sure to read the manual, it answers all your questions. A video tutorial is coming soon on our youtube

Stems are not supported by Lexicon.

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ty for prompt reply. I ve made two mistakes

  1. set FIND DUPS on high
    2)I sync with Serato after finding dup. I left everything the same ( meaning I did not unlock, I did not review, I did not confirm or archive. (does that mean I will loose info on Serato ?). and can I restore to pre-found duplicates state?

There might be a Lexicon backup you can restore. If not, you can restore your Serato crates and import again. See Backups and how to restore them

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right on. this is great support. ty so much. I m confident I can rely on this software for my music management. is there anything else you guys have in store. I m close to get a yearly pro subscription.

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Android/iOS app coming soon :slight_smile: So you can create playlists, add cues, beatgrids and listen on the go

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game over

After the tracks are scanned and archived ,when I sync to Serato, the progress bar stops at 25%. I can’t get a full sync . Any suggestions.

Can you check the size of your Serato database? It’s this file: Music/_Serato_/database V2

79.2 MB

Okay, normal size then. Sometimes when it’s very big, the sync can get stuck.

Few things you can try:

  1. Make sure no virus scanner or something is blocking Lexicon
  2. Restart your computer, sometimes fixes strange issues

If that doesn’t work, I’d have to investigate a bit more, not really sure what the problem can be then.

I downloaded the 1.3.15 update and did a restart. . The Serato database is at 9 MB. I was thinking about creating a new database V2 file but the tracks are archived .

I don’t know why it’s getting stuck but you can definitely try a new database file.
It’s best to rename the database V2 file into something else like database V2 BACKUP. Then start Serato once, to let it create an empty database file. Then do a full sync again.

Followed the instructions. Analyzing files now.

There were corrupt files after analyzing and they were deleted. 50000 tracks were analyzed but Lexicon is showing 11900 tracks in the library and 35500 archived. In Finder, the database V2 backup( renamed) and the original database V2 are both there. Not sure if that’s right.

Serato makes a new database when you start it. The backup is not used by anything now

I have 3 backups. Should I just restore the latest one or all 3? Or should I just import from the dj app again?

Only by restoring a Lexicon backup or importing from your DJ app again (turn off the Merge option on the Import page to start fresh)