"Find missing tracks" on files with accents can cause files to be dropped from library altogether

Lexicon version: 1.1.25
Operating system): Windows & Mac

Bug description:
I’m afraid I’m back with another esoterical one. This bug causes files to be dropped from the library after syncing the library between two computers (possibly only mac and windows). I do believe that there is one intermediate bug here, as this happened to files affected by this problem:

So the starting situation is that I have missing files due to a Unicode problem (side observation: All files seem to have been added on the mac, files added on windows do not have the problem). If now, on windows, I use “relocate files”, then an error message pops up letting me know that the files is already in the system, and whether I want to keep target file or the source file. Independently of what I choose, the file is then removed from the library and needs to be added again manually.

Step by step to reproduce:

  1. Add files with bad accents to lexicon on mac
  2. sync library to windows lexicon
  3. Mass-relocate files manually via utility menus
  4. Find missing files
  5. Relocate manually via right click
  6. click either option in resulting dialog
  7. File is now missing from library

** Side note **
Deleted, due to being half wrong, half irrelevant

Can you try this on 1.1.26? There was a minor accent change there that might also resolve this.
Do you only use Serato in this process?

I just retried on 1.1.26, files still do get deleted from library this way. Please strike the side note about serato, that was a brain fart in retrospect. This behaviour is strictly in LXC, without any other software, files that are missing this way do not get exported.

Thanks, I’ll look into it

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Next beta (later this week or next week) will have a fix for the automatic relocator for this.

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