Find Tag and Art feature request for Soca, Reggae and Dancehall riddims

This might be a difficult one, but @Christiaan always surprises me.

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?

  • Is it possible for the find track information to try to pull the riddim EP information (if possible) instead of pulling the track information from the individual featured artists album or single.

  • I’m thinking if a song has a usertag “riddim” then Lexicon could try to find the tags and art of the riddim EP instead.

  • As an open format DJ, I play dancehall/reggae riddims in my set.

  • Many dancehall artists do release some of their riddim tracks in their full albums or as singles. Especially if it was a popular track when released just as part of a riddim.

How will this feature help you and others?

  • Most dancehall DJs would typically do a medley of the hottest songs on a riddim pack e.g. 3 to 4 tracks quick mix.

  • It would be nice to be able to check the “album” see the name of the riddim and do a quick search of the album to play other tracks from the same riddim EP.

Does a workaround currently exist?

  1. I manually enter the name of the riddim in the grouping or album tag.

  2. I know some DJs have a workaround of including the riddim name in the track title, but I like my title to be just track title, no extra bit of information.

I’m not too familiair with that, can you give me some examples?

Might be too specific to add something to Lexicon for though…

A riddim is an instrumental produced by a reggae/dancehall producer. He then commissions a bunch of different artists to make tracks on the same instrumental and releases it as a riddim album.

Any of the artists can include the song they performed on in their own subsequent album or as a separate single release.

Eg Get Busy by Sean Paul is Diwali riddim. Not a great example but that’s the gist.

Point is that the riddim is usually the first release

So the artist that Lexicon finds (which is on the track) is the wrong one?

Your last screenshot: the “Seanizzle” is actually the wrong artist (more like producer?) and Beenie Man is what you would want?

Seanizzle is the producer of the riddim.

In my use case, yes i don’t need Seanizzle name in the artist field, so i uncheck the overwrite for those.

The only thing i need is for the album to be “One Day Riddim”,

Above is a screenshot and i’m going to run lexicon tag finder on it now.

Lexicon is either going to find the Riddim (Album) or get it from another release.


What I don’t really understand is that you just need the album, so if Lexicon finds “One Day Riddim” is that not all you need? Or am I missing something?

This whole riddim thing is new to me :stuck_out_tongue:

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You learn something new every day ah ha!

It’s quite a popular way of releasing music in the Caribbean.

A decent proportion of reggae, soca and dancehall tracks are released as part of Riddims initially!

It’s a very common thing to play two or three tracks from a riddim during a set!

And in relation to what I want

I want such tracks to find the riddim ep tag when I run the the tag finder.