Find Tags Data is in consistent

Lexicon version: 1.3.8
Operating system (remove one): Mac

Bug description: I find that the Popularity/Happiness/Energy/Dancability data to be inconsistent in it’s accuracy.

I will often reference back to other sources that can pull this data from spotify and will get very different values, primarily Most often this seems to be in the popularity rating.

This data is directly from Spotify so there isn’t anything I can change about it

Ok but its not getting accurate data. for example on two different versions of BTS - Dynamite i got the following:

Popularity: 1
Dancabilty: 8
Happiness: 6
Energy: 4

When I pull from MusicStax which pulls in Spotify data as well for these ratings I get:
Popularity: 79%
Danceabilty: 75%
Happiness: 74%
Energy 76%

I also get the same numbers as musicstax when I pull directly from spotify using some of their API tools

The data is directly from Spotify, it’s not changed in any way. So maybe Lexicon or the other tools find a different track. Otherwise I don’t know.

This is a frustrating answer to be honest.

If it’s not a priority thats fine, but I’ve given you data that multiple other free tools that pull spotify data are pulling it consistently and accurately, whereas your paid tool is not. I still love using it, and this is such a cool feature that no other library management tool I’ve seen has, but I really wish it was more reliable.

There is room for improvement here, and writing it off so nonchalantly is again, frustrating.

Sorry but the data is 100% from Spotify and not changed in any way. If it was, I would check what is going on, but there’s nothing to check there.

All I can think of is that Lexicon and MusicStax are finding a different track on the Spotify API, so different data. Maybe MusicStax can tell you which track ID it is finding? If it has that, I can check which ID Lexicon is finding and see if that is the issue.

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