Find Tracks Not Supported On CDJS/XDJS

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?
Would like a feature that filters through the library and presents tracks that will not work on CDJs/XDJs, and which devices they will not work on and why they will not work on them.

How will this feature help you and others?
As I begin to play on CDJs/XDJs I have noticed that some of my “go to” tracks are not supported on CDJs. Rekordbox (5) gives me a pop up alerting me that some tracks may not be supported, but it does not indicate which tracks or why those tracks are not supported. I have watched and read up on this issue, and some people are presented with red icons within Rekordbox that indicates an unsupported track, but for some reason I do not get these icons. Adding this feature would eliminate one of the most annoying issues about library conversions.

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?
I do not believe this feature is available in other existing products.

Does a workaround currently exist?
Currently, no workaround for this issue.

Isn’t something like this also in Rekordbox? When you import or export certain tracks (like AAC or AIFF files) then you get a popup that they are not supported on certain devices.

But honeslty, I don’t really see this being part of Lexicon. This is a very specific Pioneer issue that I don’t really think is a good match for Lexicon to fix. Lexicon is focused on common DJ problems that most/all DJ apps have.

Fair, but would it be possible to add a “Bitdepth” column? After some more research I have determined that the majority of my tracks that are not supported exceed 24 Bitdepth. Adding this column would allow me to filter these tracks myself.

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I don’t have plans for that at the moment. But I would recommend transcoding your files into a supported bit depth.

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+1 to bit depth. For these reasons:

  • There will be a large portion of users planning sets from home on solutions like Serato and Virtual DJ that have less strenuous bit depth requirements than physical hardware. It becomes problematic when you spend time curating a great collection of tunes then go to bounce your tracks to your USB only to find that X amount of them won’t even work on the venue gear. You could spend time going back and forth while curating to your USB to double check, but this is an obvious impediment to creative workflow.
  • Transcoding unsupported files is an effective solution, but largely inapproachable by non-technical users, the biggest impediment being knowing where the files live in order to transcode them quickly and efficiently. I would not consider myself non-technical, and the only solution I can think of to do this quickly would be to write a script - not an option to most users. Would love some advice here.
  • RekordBox does not allow you the ability to filter by non-supported bit depths, it only provides a notification, so this is a useful feature that’s not even available in RB.

I agree that filtering by specific hardware unit compatibility is probably out of scope for the project, but having tracks searchable/filterable by bit depth cleanly solves many of these problems in a hardware-agnostic manner.

Btw, you’ve done a killer job on Lexicon man, keep up the fantastic work!

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