Flexible Beat grid not syncing

Lexicon version: …
Operating system (remove one): Windows / Mac

Bug description:

Export Disco/funk/multi-tempo tracks to Engine DJ and realised they don’t contain the grids.

Original tracks flexible gridded in Serato DJ

Do I need to lock grids in the Engine DJ export step. I don’t have them locked because engine does not have mass unlock.

Step by step to reproduce:

  1. Tracks with Flexible grids added to lexicon from serato

Synced the tracks to Engine DJ

  1. Grids not available in Engine as flexible grids


You do need to lock the beatgrids or Engine will overwrite them. If you sync with locked grids, are you flex grids there?

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I can try that.

I’m thinking of a work flow

  1. export lexicon library without lock

  2. create a smartcrate in lexicon for flexigrid

  3. export smartcrate only to engine dj

Will that work, as I don’t want to lock all my tracks in engine dj.

Yeah you can just export a smartlist to Engine without the lock. So just step 2 and 3. Don’t think you need step 1.

Reposting here - posted in the wrong section before

Just to follow up

  1. This worked fine.
  2. Got the usual shift which is a pain especially since they are tracks manually gridded.
  3. Kinda notice it’s more apparent in m4a files.
  4. I’m sure if there was a perfect solution you would have done it!
  5. I’m considering converting all the m4a to mp3.
  6. I have almost half of my library as m4as - 30k odd files.

So question

How is the shift in mp3 compared to m4a?

@Christiaan sent a folder of 10 m4a tracks your way.

Did notice the shift are on my m4as that are compressed ie AAC compared to ALAC.

Not seeing a shift for those files.
I added them to LXC, then sync to Engine desktop.

How did you add them to LXC? Dragged them in or imported from a DJ app?

Serato to Lexicon

Lexicon to Engine DJ

Okay, appears to happen when importing from Serato. I’ll make a small change in beatshift there in the next beta

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