Folder to playlist migration

I have used Traktor for years, and organised the music by grouping them in folder on the disk.

I switched to Pioneer & Rekordbox recently and discovered that Rekordbox operates using playlists instead of folders. Rekordbox has a explore mode for accessing the folders, but this mode does not properly analyse tracks in folders nor is there an option to search in folders.

The only option seems to create playlists mimicking the folder structure I have right now.

Lexicon seems to do that in excellent way, since it seems that the files that I drag from the folder in the Playlist don’t get copied but taken from the original collection, while Rekordbox threats each file dragged from a folder into a playlist as a new song (causing duplicates).

Question: is there an easy way to convert folders into Playlists in Lexicon? Example: Drag a folder in the playlist section and it will create a playlist from that folder?

Yes you can do exactly that. You can drag a folder on to the playlists in Lexicon and it will import the folder structure as playlists and music inside it as tracks in those playlists.

This is potentially the best news of the day!

Will it prevent duplicating the songs if they already exists in the Lexicon collection?

Of course! It should be impossible to get duplicates in Lexicon. I went through extra efforts to prevent that annoyance :slight_smile: You can still get duplicates but they will have to be different files.

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I can finally focus on the music organisation and Lexicon is doing all the smart work to keep the collection clean and organised.

Thanks @Christiaan for creating Lexicon :clap:

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