From engine playlist that is on external SSD to iTunes playlist on internal drive

Hello. is it possible to do the above? I don’t want Lexion to copy the tracks from my SSD I want it to find the tracks in my current iTunes library that is on my internal SSD. and just build the playlist. does that make sense?

Are these the same files? You could disconnect the external drive so your files go missing in Lexicon. Then select them all, right click, Relocate and point to your internal music folder. If filenames are identical, it should find them.

I use DECU (do you know it?) to make a Denon prime performance drive on external ssd. does that make sense? the files have been copied from my internal drive then put onto the usb for me to dj with.

Also, I want to add the playlist to my existing library in iTunes not make a brand new library in iTunes with the playlists. I hope that makes sense… Is that possible? Because when I tried it, it seemed, I had to delete the whole library, and I would only be using an XML file with only the new playlist or my misunderstanding something

This is what happened when I tried to relocate them

If you just want to send tracks to your Prime, then all you have to do is sync to it. On the Sync page, you can select a target drive, choose the Prime there

I want to take the playlist from engine and have it appear on my iTunes library. The tracks are already in the library. I just need them put into a playlist. I’m being lazy and don’t want to have to search for every single track.

You can sync a playlist to iTunes, it will give you an XML. You can import that XML into iTunes.

Alternatively, you can also export a playlist as M3U file (right click any playlist → Share) and import that M3U into iTunes

Thank you for your info. But as I asked Earlier, the relocate files is not working you can see the photo above.

The screenshot explains it, the files you are trying to relocate to already exist in Lexicon so it’s not possible to use them. If you delete those from Lexicon first, then the relocate will work

Hello again. Thank you for your continued help on this. I’m a little bit confused. I imported one playlist to iTunes using an XML. However, there seems to be duplicates of all the folders now in iTunes. When I import the one playlist, does it actually re-import all of my playlists in iTunes with the addition of the one playlist and that is why I delete the whole library beforehand?

Deleting the iTunes library is required because iTunes won’t update any existing tracks. So if you import a playlist that already exists, all the tracks in there won’t update.

I’m not sure if it duplicates existing playlists… I think it will replace them actually but I’m not totally sure.

The best workflow is take out iTunes completely and just use Lexicon and sync to each DJ app when needed, but it’s up to you what you prefer of course.

Hi. I am finally back to doing this. I followed the instructions on the app. after step 2 had no playlist and then after importing the playlist I wanted from lexicon only 1 playlist now exists I have lost all my other playlists. yes I did a Time Machine backup just before doing this. how do I get all my other playlists back. The reason I want to use iTunes to organise all my playlists is because it works perfectly with djay pro.

Were all the other playlists in Lexicon? You need all of them in there before doing those steps

Actually, I’ve realized this is an easier solution. I don’t need to delete the whole library. I’m only using lexicon to add one single playlist, and I use iTunes to organize all my other playlists.

So I just import the XML file that lexicon makes and it only adds one playlist. This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you for your time.

Yep that’s it then :slight_smile: Nice