From Serato to Engine DJ/Prime Device

Just checking, but do you have the Snap to beatgrid option enabled in Serato? Might explain why your cues aren’t exactly on the grid after importing

Yes Snap to beatgrid is enabled in Serato. Should I have that off?
Snap To Beatgrid 2022-05-05_1-39-57

No, it should be on. But I was wondering why your cues aren’t always on the grid and having that off would explain it

What beatgrid lock type did you use when you synced to Engine DJ?

If you set your grids in LXC then you should lock them, otherwise Engine overwrites the grid.

Great, thank you.
I rolled back Lexicon to before when I first used Beat Correction, synced back to Serato, imported back to Lexicon, ran the beat correction tool and synced back to Serato and Engine. I think it’s all good!

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Great! :slight_smile: