Full stop ("."character) in folder name leads to offline file in Engine DJ

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Lexicon version: 1.5.10
Operating system (remove one): Mac

Bug description:
I have some files in Lexicon which are online and linked correctly. They have one or more dot character “.” in their folder names as in “Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do”
If I sync them to engine DJ they are offline but displaying the correct path. I have to manually relink them in Engine DJ and next time I sync from Lexicon they are offline again.

Step by step to reproduce:
Import file with . in folder path to lexicon. Export to Engine dj. Offline!
You can see one manually relinked track in the first row. Path shows different casing.

Thanks, I will check and fix that

Thank you! :smiley:
It also happens when the filename contains a “.”

Not seeing that here:

I’m releasing a new beta today (version 1.5.114), please try with that version. You can download it here: Download (BETA) | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

Make sure to delete the tracks from Engine before syncing or it may keep the bad locations

Hi Christiaan,
thanks for the reply. I downloaded the beta and tried resyncing.
Strangely the Beta is only syncing the offline files. The playlist containing hundreds of tracks, after sync it only contains 4 files. Only the ones with dots in the path. And they are still offline in Engine.
If I do the same sync with the lexicon stable version. the sync works normal but still without the dot folder files.

Okay odd, might be an effect of the changes I made. I had to rework how the Engine sync works for another problem. Is there anything in common about those tracks that are missing from the playlist?

I did resolve this actually. Thanks for your support.
Looking for similarities between the missing tracks I found them all having the path in the wrong casing as in the screenshot in my first post.
That made me remember that stupid me did format the external music drive as APFS (Case sensitive).
In combinations with . in path or filename this leads to the error.
Did reformat the drive and now the sync works flawless.

Now this is resolved and as long as you won’t port your app to linux won’t be a major issue. :wink:

Thanks and happy holidays.

Great, thanks for letting me know! Cheers and happy holidays!

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