Generated Cue Points

Hi everyone…

I’m rather pulling what little hair I have left out trying to figure what I’m doing wrong, when I highlight the tracks that I want to generate cue points all seems fine, I try to set 3 cue points on each track…however when I then sync it back to Rekordbox its just reverting back to the cue points that are there from Rekordbox, NOT the ones I’ve just created, is there something I’m not doing please, its driving me mad now, I know its something easy I sadly just figure it out?
Many thanks

Do you see the generated cue points in Lexicon? If they are there, then maybe the problem happens during sync

I can see the generated cue points in Lexicon no problem, sadly however they do not reflect the same in Rekordbox…so do you have any idea as to why they are not syncing over Christiaan?

What kind of sync did you do? I’m assuming you’ve done a full sync or a playlist sync with the right tracks.

What setting are you using for Cue Destination on the sync page? Maybe your cues are sent to the memory bank?

Hi Christiaan, I did a full sync firstly then I’ve just done a PLAYLIST sync, I’m wondering if indeed they are being saved as MEMORY cues as opposed to CUE points, if I’m honest I’m not sure what setting I need, what I ideally want is for my CUE points to show on my controller, so if I set 3 points then I have 3 buttons lit on my controller to reflect those CUE points…so should they be MEMORY or CUE?

Appreciate your help.

I would set the Cue Destionation to All to hot cue, hot cues always show up on controllers

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Sorry Christiaan can you just remind me where i set the CUE DESTINATION please?

On the Sync page:

Thank you Christiaan…