Genre clean up - split screen - show songs

When you select a genre(s) it will show the songs below in a slit screen.

genre on top and songs below.

Song area also allows for full options like you’re in tracks view.

You can open the Sidepanel and ALT+Click on a genre to show those tracks in the sidepanel

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I tried that but it doesn’t help me while cleaning up the songs. I wanted a way to quickly see what songs are there without having to start over with the genre clean up.
I think the split screen would help. so we can see the songs in there quickly and know that we want to combine them with the main genre.

The sidepanel is a split screen, not sure why that doesn’t work for you? It keeps Genre Cleanup open while you can look at the tracks for a genre

I thought the side panel would only show those song that match the selected genres.

Only if you hold ALT and click a genre

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Thanks… That worked great.

Can you allow us to edit the song/file when it’s in the sidepanel. I saw a file I wanted to delete but can’t.

Sidepanel is read-only, so it can’t do that