Grid numbering - starts from zero - option to start from 1

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can we get an option to start from 1

It makes more sense to start at 0 because now your bars will start at 0, 4, 8, 12, etc. And when you go back in time, they will be at -4, -8, etc.

Based on 1 it would be: 1, 5, 9, 13 and -3, -7, -11 etc.

Serato starts from 1

Thats what i’m used.

In the negative direction it goes from +1 to -1

Basically there is no Zero.

Dont ask me why? It may have been an error or deliberate but here we are 20 years later…its what i know and used to.

I’ll think about a setting

Engine DJ - no zero

Serato - no zero

Rekordbox - No Zero

Traktor - no zero

I’m aware but it’s just the most unlogical thing ever. I’m 100% sure someone came up with this and all other DJ apps kept copying each other

I think as long as all DJ programs start at 1, LXC should stay at 1 - that would only confuse you unnecessarily

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Christiaan, well that depends on your point of view. It would be great if this could be either reverted or there will be an option to start from 1. Very little DJs are programmers, but many of them musicians. While this makes sense from an IT standpoint, in music there is no 0, no bar 0, no beat 0.
Every music piece starts at bar 1, beat 1 (with some very minor exceptions). This has nothing to do with DJ software.
So back in time if you want there is no 1,0,-1, there is only 1,-1, your assumptions are only correct from an IT standpoint. not from a musical standpoint. That shouid be reflected if possible.

I am sorry! I saw this was implemented shortly later already.

Nonetheless, this

shoulde be also -5, -9 etc. There is no zero “existing”