Grids and Cue Points Deleted when Writing from Rekordbox to Traktor

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Lexicon version: 1.1.5
Operating system: Mac OS Monterey 12.1

Bug description: After importing my library from Rekordbox 6, I synced it to Traktor. Now in Traktor, many songs are missing beatgrids and when I load them, Traktor analyzes them as if it’s my first time playing them; cue points are missing entirely on some songs; and 100% of the songs in my DJ library now have the “locked” status.

Step by step to reproduce: When this occurred, I had been testing to make sure that Lexicon is capable of syncing my data between Traktor and Rekordbox. I have been using Traktor as my DJ program of choice.
Start by importing Traktor library and syncing it to Rekordbox. Open Rekordbox, ensure data integrity. Add a hot cue to one song. Open Lexicon. (Lexicon shows the new hot cue added). Import Rekordbox Library, then sync to Traktor. Open Traktor to find that the hot cue failed to write in Traktor, and above mentioned issues have manifested in the whole library.

If this is about a DJ app, please also add screenshots of the problem in that DJ app.
Screenshot shows the most played song in my main playlist missing grid and cue points. Also visible in the leftmost column of the browser is that all tracks are Locked (although all of these songs may have been locked already since I play them frequently, the Locked status extends to 100% of my songs).

I was not able to resolve this issue by trying to restore my traktor library using the import NML file. When I did that, I was able to restore a version in which the analysis lock was not on for every song in my library (good). But, the grid and cue point data was still missing from some of the most played tracks in my library.

Luckily I made a time machine backup before the change, so I am going to restore from my time machine backup. Obviously though this makes Lexicon unusable for me at the moment, and I will be very hesitant to experiment with it further as having to restore from a time machine backup is a time consuming process.

Thank you for any help you can provide. I hope I can help you find and fix the issue.

There are NML backups in the Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor 3.../Lexicon folder. They happen once per day when syncing to Traktor. Also I think you can cherry pick the NML file from your Time Machine backup, you don’t need to restore everything. The NML is the only thing modified by LXC.

LXC locks all grids to ensure Traktor doesn’t overwrite grids that LXC added. I’m looking into changing that so it only locks them when a beatgrid is present.

I don’t know about missing cue points in Traktor though, not aware of any such problems. I’ll take a look but I might ask to recreate the problem and upload the results to me.

I do need more information to debug this problem. I need the NML file that has the missing grids & cues, the Lexicon library (you can upload from the Help menu) and a few track titles where this problem occurs. Then I can look for it further.

Thanks Christiaan. Unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to be able to provide the data you need at this time. Since restoring Traktor’s library from older NML files did not fix the issue, I attempted to restore the whole system from a time machine backup. That has gone sideways in a big way, and my system is not up and running yet.

Assuming I’m able to get the backup working, I am not inclined to try writing to my Traktor library from Lexicon again, as I do not want to repeat this arduous process of restoring from Time Machine and potentially experiencing the same hard disk issues.

If I’m able to get the system restore working, I could potentially go as far as importing the Rekordbox data to Lexicon and sending you the Lexicon library, my most recent Traktor NML file, and some songs that were affected. I will send that if and when I’m able.

Okay, that would be great!

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Can you upload the mentioned MP3 files from the database upload you did a few days ago? These:

The songs “Rain on Me” by Lady Gaga and “Rhythm Is a Dancer (Pixel Terror Remix)” by Thea Austin, Pixel Terror show the beatgrids being off by hot cue points 4 and 3 (respectively).