Grids are not from Lexicon in Serato

Hi Christiaan,

I have tried all three ways with the beatgrid lock feature added in 1.6 but Serato keeps reading the grid wrong.
The grid is perfect in Lexicon but every time I open it in Serato, it is wrong. I have even edited the grid in serato and cleared the whole grid and hit save. Open Lexicon and sync back to Serato using all three Grid options but either way, Serato keeps seeing the grid not as it is in Lexicon.

How different is it? Can you show a screenshot of both grids in LXC and Serato?

This particular example is for a backing track for my wife’s show.
This part is from a medley with different tempos but this part is from one song where it goes from half time to double time.
As you can see, the BPM changes but a beat earlier than it should, throwing everything else off from then on.

Can you send me that track?

I have sent the track

This has got to be a serato thing. I just tried changing the placements of the start of a bar with a beat marker because there is a 2 beat rest before the next bar starts and I think this is what is causing the problem. It still doesn’t make sense though because serato is not starting the BPM change inline with what should be the start of a bar if the grid wasn’t changed to double time.

I’ve played with this a lot in the past but Serato is weird… I haven’t figured it out fully yet. It seems that Serato wants the grid markers on the beat so if I export a grid from LXC to Serato that’s not on (what it thinks is) the beat, then it will ignore it or move it. I’ve tested it without LXC too, just try and place a marker in Serato that’s off-beat and it won’t like that.

I will test your track later this week, but chances are I will run into the weird above issue again :thinking:

Thank Christiaan,

I have opened a ticket with Serato about this also. You would think they would allow this, it’s a music software, and all music isn’t just 4/4 and without rests. Show them what you’ve done with saying hey, here is the start of a new bar or phrase. :joy:

It’s strange too because I gridded this medley in Serato first and then imported to Lexicon which sees it as it should.

On a side note, Siebrand from DJ.Studio just released a video showing the beatgrid analysis accurately gridding a multi BPM track. It’s not released yet but looking forward to it. I’m sure it won’t fix the “rest” issue in Serato though.

Yeah what I think happens is that Serato knows where the beats are, and if you place a marker in Serato it will “snap” to it. But if LXC exports a grid and those markers aren’t on the exact timing of the beat then Serato will ignore them. At least that’s the theory I’ve come up with…