Happiness, Popularity and Danceability


I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how the Happiness, Popularity and Danceability fields are populated. As in, what steps does Lexicon take to establish these fields.
I’m getting some pretty glaring results, which bare no resemblance to how some tracks are actually received by the crowd.

Double 99 - Rip Groove
Popularity 4
Danceability 5
Happiness 2

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
Happiness 4

Obviously features like this are always to be taken with a pinch of salt and sometimes these things can be quite subjective, but it’s not like I chose obscure tracks to test this out on.
Rip Groove is one of the biggest club tracks ever released and would be a big fat TEN on all of those for most DJs haha.
Stardust only getting a Happiness of 4 is kind of ridiculous, I’m sure most people would agree!


These are indeed very subjective, but they come from Spotify. Your tracks are matched by artist & title and then the popularity etc value is taken from Spotify.

So I think the values are all relative. Extremely popular tracks (right now) will probably get a 10 where as tracks that used to be super popular won’t get that score anymore. Speculating because I don’t fully know what Spotify does with those scores. Happiness, Energy and Danceability are based on audio attributes that Spotify scans for each track.

Fair enough.

It’s still very nice to be able to set these myself anyhow.

Thanks for clarifying.