Having trouble adding genre fields automatically

I can’t get Lexicon to add genre tags for me… I use the “use” drop down field to add tags but it won’t do anything. IS the any instructions on how to do this? I also need instructions on how to upload my music files to the cloud service.

Right click your tracks → Use → Find Tags & Album Art, make sure Genre is selected there. To get better results, it helps if your artists and titles are clean. Messy titles will make it more difficult to find the right result. Smart fixes can help there.

To upload your tracks to the cloud, you need to be on the Pro subscription and then you will be able to right click your tracks/playlists and choose “Upload to cloud”

I have been trying that but most of the time it doesn’t work. I seem to have been able to do about half my collection but Im not sure why it worked for some but not for everything.

Is there a way to have “tags" (of genres names) pushed over to the genre field in Lexicon?

Also how do I get the genre field to be visible on the Tracks tab in Lexicon? I see there are more fields able to be seen when I watched some of the tutorial videos but they aren’t seen by default it appearsin my case.

It’s probably that your artist or title is not accurate enough. If you have a few examples/screenshot, I can give you more info on that.

You can send your tags to the Genre field with a workaround. Right click tracks → Use → Write tags to file. Set up a field mapping there (see Use Field Mappings to send your Energy, Popularity & more to your DJ app. And ⭐️ ratings for Serato! - YouTube).
Then right click tracks → Reload Tags and make sure Genre is selected.

You can show the genre field by right clicking the header (where it shows TITLE).

Well honestly I feel like the genre titles that everyone uses on the internet are too broad or completely wrong so it could just be a waste of time all together, even Beatport has terrible descriptions of their tracks. “Electronica” is simply useless or labeling a Deep House track as Vocal won’t help me out much. I could just multi select all the “Electronica” titles and batch re-name as “House” easier.
Every track I have is just a sub-genre of House anywayWhat happens if my Tags have multiple tags like Acid, Tech House and Classic? Which one will it Choose?

Also how can I make Lexicon header show more fields like in this video?

Here is a shot of tracks that didn’t get Genre’s too. I can see why some wouldn’t get genre labels becuase they are recordings of vinyl but some are not and are labeled pretty well on the title and artist.

You can search Beatport and Spotify and see if the artist/title is the same there. That’s what it matches on. And yes, genres are too broad but there is no more accurate way to get them automatically. I would recommend going the harder route and adding proper custom tags to your tracks so you have perfect genres, more work but infinitely better results.

Right click there

I’ve have already started that task. I am also considering making short cuts for the pallets in rekordbox and then using the key commands to add them to playlist and then batch naming them.

In the beta Lexicon you can assign hotkeys to your custom tags, so it could make the process a lot faster

WOW now that would be awesome and the answer to all my issues.

How do I use beta? This should be my final question.


I really like the feature to find similar tracks by using one of your exiting tracks in my collection. The links are real quick and easy to use. Beatport pro app used to be cool for these things but now its defunct.

In the Lexicon settings, set the release branch to beta, at the bottom.

You can assign numbers to your custom tags (right click tags in the Tags page) and then assign a hotkey to each number in the Lexicon settings. It’s beta so let me know if anyone weird happens.

ps: if you happen to have StreamDeck, that works too :slight_smile:

Sweet thanks!

Ya this is great super fast.

I made a little controller to punch in tags and control transport of the player.

I notice the player stops when you click on parts of the waveform that haven’t fully been built after loading.

Also seems to bug out when the deck is stoped, just starts playing all by itself.


Yeah that playing by itself is a bug I haven’t been able to fix yet, still looking into that.

The player loads the track in parts, so if you click a part that isn’t loaded yet then it can’t play it yet, and it will pause there.

I see thank you