HELP, it erased about 80% of my music

Since there’s no email or number to call I am here… I used Lexicon to help clean the duplicates in my library and after sycning my serato all of my music files do not work and say they are missing… Can someone help or know what to do?
NONE of my crates are working …,

Did you do a Full Sync to Serato?

That will also delete the missing old duplicates from Serato and replace the crates with the ones in Lexicon. Of course, make sure you that your tracks and playlists are correct in Lexicon before doing the full sync.

Hey Christian,

I am so happy to hear from you!
Yes I did a full music library sync from serato to Lexington.
I did see all the duplicates and asked it to keep the songs with the most plays. After I proceeded to erase the duplicates.
I then resycned serato again and when I opened serato I noticed a lot of crates were missing and then I clicked on a few songs and they wouldn’t play since it says file lost/missing.

I’m thinking I did something wrong?

You said sync and resync, did you maybe mean import in both that? Sync is sending your Lexicon tracks to Serato. Importing is from Serato to Lexicon.

So if you did import twice, it will not have the desired results.

How is your Lexicon looking right now? Are your playlists working there or do they have the same missing tracks as your Serato?

Hey ,

It is looking like a hot mess. Majority of my crates do not work and when I try to locate them it does not do anything.
are there classes or walkthroughs that can help with this?
When is comes to this type of computer stuff I’ve always had trouble

This is the important Getting Started video:

For other features, there are videos on the youtube channel as well.

As for your library, check if you have a backup in this folder: Documents/Lexicon/Backups

You can restore those from the Backup menu at the top in Lexicon. Once you find a backup that has the correct tracks and playlists, you can do a Full Sync (not import, see video) to Serato

Hey I will try this,

I am hoping because in all of my crates Ive made nothing works :confused:

Lexicon for some reason deleted all my crates and I just wanted to remove duplicate music files. And I cannot even use or reopen the crate files anymore.
Do you know of a way to revive them?

If the Lexicon backup doesn’t work (try that first), then you can restore the crates from a different backup, see Backups and how to restore them under Serato. Problem there is that your old crates probably refer to the deleted tracks now. So that is why it’s important to try the Lexicon backup first.

Hey, I cannot thankyou enough how helpful you have been! Fingers crossed and I hope this will resolve the issue!

I’m going to try this as soon as I get home. I will keep you updated.


I tried everything and it looked like everything is just gone…

Idk do you know any one who may be able to help look into this?
I am not sure if I am doing everything right


Can you join our Discord and then PM me there?

I can log in with Teamviewer and take a look for you. If you install Teamviewer and set the right permissions (it will tell you how) then I can do it pretty quick. Europe timezone here so may not respond right away