Help! New to Lexicon. Energy, danceability etc, all at 0, plus more questions

My first question is how to remove the read only list of my tracks. I don’t know why its’ there and I can’t figure out how to remove it.

Second, a lot of the columns such as danceability and energy are at 0. Am I supposed to do something for that to be analyzed? I have fully analyzed my library at this point, but is there more?

Third, does Lexicon have the ability to identify the genre of a song? I have quite a few that don’t have genre listed. I find that helpful for organizing and I could go through it one by one, but if there’s a quicker way, I would be grateful.

I took a screenshot to demonstrate my questions, I hope it works. I will add a google drive link if not.

You have the sidepanel enabled, turn it off from the View menu at the top.

Energy, danceability, etc can be edited manually or if you want it automatically then right click your tracks → Use → Find Tags & Album Art.

Genre can be automatically found in the same place. Keep in mind your titles and artists need to be clean & correct for the results to be accurate.

Thank you!!