Hide streaming tracks in browser

Is there an easy way to hide streaming tracks from the track browser?

Since I also tag tracks in Serato Streaming, it is very annoying when they always appear twice in the browser

How do you mean that they appear twice?

You could make a smartlist with the Streaming service does not exist rule.

I have tracks in Serato that are available in both MP-3 and streaming versions in Tidal playlists.
When importing into Lexicon, both variants appear.
But I only want to see the MP3 variants and not the streaming tracks.
An option: “do not show streaming tracks” or something similar would be great
or is there another way to hide the streaming tracks.

The only way is the smartlist method above. You can also create a smartlist with the rule Streaming service exists to only show streaming tracks.
So with 2 smartlists you would get what you want.

Thanks that works