Hot cue Colour help!

Hey Guys,
Got an issue when importing tracks into Lexicon from Rekordbox. I use ‘Colourful’ hot cues in Rekordbox.
Cue 2/B imports as blue as per ‘Colourful’ hot cue option in Rekordbox, however if import a song with cue 3/C but there is no cue 2/B on that particular track it will make cue 3/C blue instead of regularly being green if there is also a cue 2/B on that track.

I’ve checked settings in Lexicon and there is no ability to set default colours for cues as far as i can see so the only option i can think of would be to change it for every track manually which would quite frankly suck…

Anyone else have this issue / have a fix?

I’ll look into what is going on there.

Meanwhile you can fix it in bulk in your library by using the Find & Replace Cues recipe

Ill give that a go.

If you need any more clarification on the issue ect just let me know.

Happy to show you what im referring to

No problem, I think I understand

A similar thing happened with my saved loops on Denon Engine. Instead of keeping my saved loops as they originally were (Saved loop #1 - yellow. #2 - orange. #3 - Purple… #8 Blue, it grouped them all next to each other. So as an example, if I had 3 saved loops: #2 orange, #3 purple, and #8 blue, now its #1 orange, #2 purple, #3 blue. Its driving me crazy. In Lexicon, it shows the saved loops as they originally were, but exports back into Engine DJ all messed up as described above.
Will try and see if I can replace loop cues, but why is it doing this?

@spikemcl That bug will be fixed in the next update :+1:

@davidunreal I gave that a quick test but did not see the same behavior. I created a track with 4 cues, an empty cue between each cue. Import to LXC and sync back to Engine, the cues are still the same.

Can you make a video of what is happening there?

I’ll try to show this through several pictures, as I don’t exactly know how to make vidoes.

This is an example of a track and how it appears in Lexicon

After exporting back to Engine DJ from Lexicon, its showing Loop#1 as orange, Loop#2 as purple. #1 is supposed to be in the #2 slot, then #2 is supposed to be in the loop#3 spot.
The loop bank is supposed to be in the same color order and button order as the hot cues.

This is the proper order of the Loops, where Loop#1 is yellow, Loop#2 is orange, Loop#3 is purple.

These are the Hot Cues, in the Hot cue bank (not the loop bank) and the colors here are in the correct order with the correct color.

Does this make sense? I’ll try to better describe it if not, but lets go with this as my first attempt.

In your screenshots, there is a yellow loop on your decks but I don’t see the yellow loop in Lexicon? Is that the start of the problem?

Yes, the yellow loop you see is a track where I re-did the loops manually to show how it’s supposed to be.
If you look at the first picture, in Lexicon, it says “7 Loop 2 (orange)” “8 Loop 3 (purple)”. Loop 2 should be the 2nd loop pad, which corresponds to orange, loop 3 is the 3rd pad, which corresponds to purple.
However, the following picture, LOOP 2 (ORANGE) (caps for emphasis, not yelling) is on the loop 1 pad instead, and LOOP 3 (PURPLE) is on the loop 2 pad. For that track, it should be that the loop 1 pad (which corresponds to yellow) should be EMPTY, the next pad is LOOP 2 (corresponds to orange) which is where that first loop should be at. Then LOOP 3 should be on the 3rd pad, not the second pad.

Okay, gotcha! I’ll fix that :+1:

Thank you very much for reading and understanding. I suppose to summarize, the loop # should correspond to the pad #. So if a track only has Loop #2 and Loop #8, that should remain in those positions after exporting back into Denon Engine - vrs now being in the loop #1 and loop #2 spot.
It seems the default colors are accurate for each loop position, it’s just that those loops (along with their default colors) get moved to the nearest empty pad instead of retaining their position.

I saw there was an update available in Lexicon and I updated. I pressed “sync to engine DJ”. Went into Engine and see this:

Loop 2 is in the 1st position, Loop 3 is in the 2nd position, and Loop 8 is in the 3rd position. I must be doing something wrong. Will I have to redo the loops manually for all my tracks that have this type of loop set up, and re-import into Lexicon? I’m confused.

Yeah the update should fix it for you, but only after a new import. Because the information wasn’t there yet, after a new import Lexicon will remember the original loop positions.

You might want to go back to a previous Engine library, Lexicon makes backups every day, see Backups and how to restore them

Yikes. I no longer have access to the database2 file that has the proper loop order as it was overwritten by the export back into Engine from Lexicon.
Ah well. I guess I got a lot of work ahead of me.

Thank you for fixing the issue for the future though.

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Did you check the Database2/Lexicon folder? It has zip files with older databases. All you need is the m.db file from inside those zips

To avoid further messing with things I don’t understand, I redid the tracks where the loops were out of place. It wasn’t as bad as I thought though. Not all tracks had loops and furthermore not all the tracks with loops had that issue. Also, I’ve since added some acapellas and didn’t want to deal with re-gridding those. After fixing the loops, re-importing into Lexicon, and Syncing back with Engine, everything shows up as it should and seems everything is working proper.
Thank you!

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Okay great! Thanks for reporting back