Hot Cue Drift from Serato to Rekordbox

Unfortunately the Export from Serato to Rekordbox has some serious HotCue Drift! I have been using ATGR DJ Conversion Utility bevor Lexicon but this is unacceptable to play with such drift.

im using a 2021 MBP14 M1 MCOS Ventura

I think the problems accrued after i migrated from my 2018 MBP i7 …

DJ Conversion Utility:


pls help i won’t happy to switch to my old program … how can i solve this issue??

edit: this problem is not on all tracks i will delete now my whole rb library and import from lexicon again.

Cuepoint is definantly at the beginning in Serato

But lexicon:

Another track didn’t even update

Yeah this is indeed a problem, it happens to certain tracks and I make adjustments whenever a new track type (encoder) with this problem is found. I can do that same thing for your tracks.

Can you upload a few of your tracks? If you’ve noticed tracks with different amounts of shift then please upload those too.

You can upload with this link:

i will upload asap when im home from university. But how can there be 5 Different hot cues after import instead of 2 which I have set in serato? side note: after download these 5 hitches were the default after downloading. Ive deleted them all and have set 2 new one which can be seen above.

Track Manchester had none

Why is this only accounting at some tracks?

unfortunately I don’t have the tie resources to look for all tracks with shift. but after new import in rb the beat grid is also false? is there no new analyzing after importing tracks?

what do you mean with track type? I think one is mp3 and one m4a

I didn’t realize you had different amounts of cues appearing. The cues from the “As it was” track are from RB? Does that happen to be an m4a file? Someone else recently reported something similar with M4A files where it kept showing an old set of cues but not the new ones.

the tracks with 2 hotcues in serato is a mp3 file which had default 5 after downloading from a dj pool. then I deleted all of them and set 2 new one which can be seen above (Track : As it was ; Serato) after importing in lexicon it had the default 5 (in lexicon) even though I deleted them. idk where it had this information. In serato there are still 2 even after restart. I didn’t import to rekordbox but in rb it will be 5 I guess. I have to try

Track: Manchester is m4a which hat the drift.

Yeah what you described is a problem that rarely happens where the ID3 header is broken. Serato writes new cues but the old cues are also still present in the file. That part is where something happens and Lexicon reads the old cues. You can confirm that by deleting the ID3 tags completely from a problematic track with a program like kid3, then set cues again in Serato and import. Should be the correct amount of cues in Lexicon then.

Can you send me both those tracks (before deleting ID3 tags if you’re doing that)? I will check the mp3 ID3 issue and for the M4A i can check for beatshift.

You can use the same upload link I posted before

sounds great, I have a id3 tag editor, the m4a track will be sent to you after I finish my classes for today :slight_smile: until later

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two tracks are sent, if i notice other with cue / gin shift i wall add them

okay, its definitely only on m4a files. i sent another two of them. It would be very cool if you could fix this, i have many of them in my collection… unfortunately the drift doesn’t occur on dj conversion utility on m4a files. hope you can fix this asap :slight_smile:

Please try this Lexicon version: Install Lexicon 1.5.6 m4a fix.dmg - Google Drive

It’s important to import from Serato again with the Merge with current library option disabled, that will give you a fresh start and clear previous beatshift data. Then sync to RB and there should not be a shift anymore for the M4A tracks.

I’ve just tried your new version, it works! thank you so much. @Christiaan you’ve got seriously the best faq/support i will never use another library tool. im amazed. Just one question bc im curious, how did you fix that?

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The m4a file uses a specific container format (AAC codec but container format is sometimes different between m4a files). In this case it uses container format that Lexicon did not recognize yet as one that needs a beatshift so I adjusted that. So if you notice grids shifting in the future (m4a or any other file type), another correction on my side might be needed, so don’t hesitate to report it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting it, we just made Lexicon a tiny bit better!

@Christiaan I’ve found another five m4a tracks with shift, i will also upload it with your link above

Do you know where these m4a’s came from? ITunes or somewhere else?

Some of itunes, some i cant remember… but itunes mostly i guess. I will check all new m4a downloads for shift from now on and then report it to you

Thanks. I’m working on a new Lexicon version with more shift fixes, for all the other DJ apps too, they also appear affected. Will report back once I’m done there

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very good, looks forward to the next update from u

Here is a new version: Install Lexicon 1.5.6 m4a fix 2.dmg - Google Drive

I’ve gone through different types of M4A files and made corrections for every DJ app conversion combination and Lexicon. So there are about 6 (DJ apps+Lexicon) * 6 * 3 (different m4a types) = 108 new corrections. I hope it’s all good because it’s quite complex and requires a lot of manual testing so let me know if something is off.
There is an M4A type (isomiso2) that I can’t fully correctly identify so some of those may be slightly shifted to the left or right but I’ve tried to minimize it.

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awesome, hope this will be completely gone some time !! :slight_smile: