Hot cue loops not working in serrato

Aloha kakahiaka, new lexicon user here.

I synced my rekordbox library to lexicon and every looks perfect. However when I sync serrato to lexicon my hot loops are not working right. All cues appear except those that are loops or auto loops. What can I do to fix this?

Your loops are over here:

The loops are there but the cues are not. Say I have a autoloop in rekordbox that is triggered at hot cue E. Hot cue E is not synced to serrato and the loop is there but is does not autoloop.

In lexicon it shows the hot loops accurately.

This may just be a problem because I just started using serrato and am not very familiar with it yet.

Can you share a screenshot of one of your loaded tracks in Serato?

on both of these tracks the E cue point which is supposed to also be an auto loop is not showing up.

Okay, can you also upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu.

I’ll take a closer look at it


On your “Watch Me Move” track, I only see one loop in Lexicon. So syncing to Serato seems to give the correct result.

Can you share a screenshot of that same track in RB? There are two loops there?

there is only one auto loop for watch me move. Everything seems to look okay in lexicon but when I sync my library to serato the hot loop cue disappears and does not auto loop. It does seem to load loops but the cue point disappears and they do not auto loop unless I take extra steps to make them do so. My mother library is rekordbox. I am trying to smoothly sync it with serato using lexicon.

What do you mean by auto loop? That it activates automatically when it is reached? That is not supported by Serato,points%20on%20the%20loaded%20track.&text=To%20activate%20an%20Auto%20Loop,detected%20by%20Serato%20DJ%20Lite.

Are these not auto/active loops?

Nope, just normal loops

So ignoring the loops altogether, is there a way to make the cue points show up that are not transferring? Or is this impossible because they are attached to active loops?

They are loops but the active part is lost in Serato

Yes I understand that. I just want the cue itself to appear. On the performance pads.

Not possible, not how Serato works. Loops go in the loop area.