Hot Cues synced to Virtual DJ don't retain their original position

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Lexicon version: 1.5.2
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description:
When syncing to Virtual DJ Hot Cues don’t retain their original hot cue position/number. For example if you have a single hot cue assigned to Hot Cue 8 in Lexicon when synced to Virtual DJ it becomes Hot Cue 1.


It should definitely put those in the right spots. Just gave it a quick test here and no problems.

Maybe you have this option enabled in VDJ?

My autoSortCues is set to “no”.

I’ve been debugging this on two computers and ran a heap of tests, I won’t go over all of them because many involved me resetting lexicon and starting from scratch until I found what combination of events caused the problem, what it boils down to is:

If add a new track to lexicon manually and add cue points in Lexicon then sync to Virtual DJ this works fine and the cue points are accurate.

But if I import the tracks from Traktor, even if I then make changes to the tracks cue points in Lexicon when they sync to Virtual DJ they all get “sorted” as could be seen in my original example.

Obviously this is a bit of a weird situation and I’m not really sure what to test next so thought I’d ask you for some direction.

Can you check in your VirtualDJ database.xml what your cues look like? There will be a Num="1" etc on each cue, check if that num makes sense.
Don’t make any changes to the XML, it’s super fragile and VDJ will delete it if even a single space is added in the wrong place.

See here for database locations: Backups and how to restore them

On inspecting the database.xml the wrongly positioned cue points are also here, so I guess Lexicon is writing them wrong to database.xml. Here’s an example track where Name="Cue 8" should be Num="8" but it’s listed as Num="2"

 <Song FilePath="D:\Audio\Music\DJing\Usher - Confessions Pt II (DJ Jay MMP Remix).mp3" FileSize="3369416" Flag="1">
  <Tags Author="Usher" Title="Confessions Pt II" Genre="00s, Urban" Album="Clean" Label="`O" Remix="DJ Jay" Bpm="0.869817" Flag="1" />
  <Infos SongLength="83.937370" LastModified="1692642798" FirstSeen="1460037600" LastPlay="1678975200" PlayCount="118" Bitrate="320" Cover="24578" />
  <Scan Version="801" Bpm="0.869817" Key="G#" />
  <Poi Pos="0.034730" Type="beatgrid" Bpm="68.980003" />
  <Poi Name="Cue 1" Pos="0.034730" Num="1" Color="4294967040" Type="cue" />
  <Poi Name="Cue 8" Pos="27.86890" Num="2" Color="4294934272" Type="cue" />

And confirming the track in Lexicon is fine:

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu.

I’ll take a closer look tomorrow and let you know what I find.

Thanks a heap, sent it through, just let me know if you need anything else from me. If its easier to screen share to test it out I’m happy to.

I just tested this on a 3rd computer and experienced the same thing.

Alright this was a small bit of legacy code specifically when converting from Traktor. Will be fixed in the next update, later this week probably, won’t be long.

Thanks for reporting!

Thanks a heap Christiaan, appreciate your work.

I’m just making the move from Traktor to Virtual DJ so I can start using SoundSwitch for lighting and video DJing. Freaking out about my first gig with it though :anguished:

You got this :+1:

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