Hot Ques are correct but Beatgrid has been shifted (Rekordbox to Serato)

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: 1.5.6
Operating system (remove one): Windows 11

Bug description: Hot Ques are correct but Beaetgrid is wrong. And when trying to adjust the beatgrid manually it moves the hot ques aswell.

Step by step to reproduce: I’m trying to convert my Rekordbox 6 playlists to Serato. But upon importing them over into Lexicon, the hot ques are in the right position but the beatgrids have been shifted. And after syncing them to Serato, it seems to follow the hot ques and beatgrid set by Lexicon.


Looks like the grid is off by one beat, is that right?
I think I’ve just fixed that problem but it’s not in the current Lexicon yet, I can send you a test version.

That would be great thanks!

Try this version please: Lexicon Installer 1.5.6 rb bar marker fix.exe - Google Drive
You just need to import from RB again after installing

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