How can I migrate my Lexicon library from a Mac to Windows PC and then export to Engine DJ?

Current scenario: Macbook Pro as main computer with Serato DJ and over 20,000 songs in my library, allocated on the internal SSD.
Path: “Macintosh SSD/Users/djrodz/Music/Music Files”.

Future scenario: Windows Desktop PC as the main computer, running Engine DJ and the 20,000 songs allocated on the internal SSD.
Path: “C:\Users\djrodz\Music\Music Files”.

The Music Files folder is the root folder where the songs are located.
The Macbook will be sold and I will not use it anymore, since I will be using a standalone device.

How can Lexicon help me with this migration?

My idea is to migrate all my Serato library that is currently on Mac to Windows PC, but without using Serato, as I want to switch to Engine DJ platform. I know Serato does the relocation of lost files, but it is not efficient and many links are lost during the migration.

I believe I should install Lexicon on both PC and Mac. On Mac, I import the entire Serato library into Lexicon. Then I backup the Lexicon database to a USB stick and copy the main folder where the songs are (Music Files folder) to an external HD and then to the PC’s internal SSD. I open Lexicon on the PC and import the database backup I made on the Mac and which is on the pendrive. Until then, Lexicon will show me the songs, however, they will lose the references, is that it? Then I need to go to his settings and what do I do for him to recognize the new folder where the songs are on the PC? As I’m using the demo version, it doesn’t let me touch these options to test… I’m not sure if it will work.

After Lexicon has relocated my songs and everything is perfect, I export the bank to Engine DJ, correct?

Another question is: the DJ Engine still doesn’t have the feature to Relocate Lost Files and sometimes I’ll want to physically delete the songs from my SSD, since I don’t want to use them anymore. Does Lexicon allow this directly from his playlist and once done, sync to Engine DJ?


I wrote this guide precisely for your situation: Guide: Moving Lexicon to another computer | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

The Engine sync does not delete files from an external disk. The workaround here is to delete all files from the disk, then sync and Lexicon will copy all files that are in use to the external disk again.