How do I write these tags?

what the the steps to write Popularity to the Comments tag so that it is stored in the MP3 tag? I have been able to find the popularity and even write it to Engine DJ database, but if I re-scan the tags in Engine DJ Database, I lose the changes made to the comments

Popularity has it’s own field in Lexicon so you don’t need to store it in Comments there. Your Field Mapping is correct when you send your tracks to Engine. Field Mapping works for all DJ apps and even when you want to write the files. You can write tags to file by right clicking tracks → Use → Write Tags To File.

  1. the thing is, it found the popularity for all tracks
    the only way I know how to get that info over to COMMENTS field is to sync it to engine DJ or serato
    I need this information so I can see the popularity in Engine OS
    unless I am looking at this wrong?

  2. have you done any testing with engine os 3.1 and the new smart playlists?

When you sync to Engine (or a Denon device/usb) with the field mapping (Popularity → Comments) then you can see it in the comment field right?

Yes, Engine 3.1.0 support is in the works and will be in beta soon, probably next week. Current Lexicon should work fine with it but just ignores smartlists

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Yes I see it in the comment field.

But, if I rescan tags in engine, Dj, they’re gone.

Which means that it is only a temporary mapping

It’s because Lexicon writes to the Engine database. Once you reload in Engine, it will reload them from the ID3 tags on the music files. Normally you don’t need to reload, but if you want to be able to reload without those tags changing, you can let Lexicon write to your files too. Right click your tracks → Use → Write tags to file. You can set up the same field mapping there.

I have the option to write to tags. but the Comment field is not mapped over to Popularity yet because that happens when you sync to engine OS. does that make sense?

Not sure what you mean. I can create a field mapping there like this

see if you can follow my logic

Load tracks into Lexicon
CMD A, Select all tracks
right click, Use find tags and album art
Check popularity Find, Overwrite

At this point in Lexicon, I see Popularity in Popularity field

Need to transfer the Popularity field to some field that is visible in all DJ programs. I chose Comments. The only way I know how to do this is…

Sync to engine DJ
Field Mappings, edit mppings
Popularity → Comments, Overwrite, Save
Sync to Engine DJ

When you sync this to Engine DJ, the Comments will show Popularity

but the comments are not actually saved to the tags?

How do I get the Comments field to save to the tag so no matter what DJ app I use, the comments field always shows Popularity?

I need that transferred to something that all DJ apps can see (Serato, Engine DJ, DJay AI, etc)

*This feature is critical to me as I am doing a country night at a club and I am new to this genre. The Popularity field is genius as I can look at a track and know “09 Popularity” is more likely to play than a “02 Popularity”

Thank you

You need to write tags to file, so right click tracks → Use → Write Tags To File. Set up the same field mapping.

Then it will have the comment field with popularity in the actual files.

But… Your current method is the better method, even if you use multiple DJ apps. Then it’s best to set up the same field mapping you have right now but also on the other DJ apps.