How does Lexicon store metadata of the songs?

Hi, here is my workflow

So my friend gave me a bunch of tracks which were analyzed and cue points were set up in Serato originally.

Now I used Lexicon to be able to easily sync everything from Serato to Rekordbox.

Now I am using Lexicon to manage the library, and adding more cue points within lexicon, and then syncing back to both Rekordbox and Serato.

Now I have a few questions

  1. Now if I want to use another computer which does not have lexicon, and I simply plug in the USB that had all my tracks, will it automatically display all my lexicon modified tracks? - Is the metadata in the tracks written by Lexicon for both Rekordbox and Serato?

  2. If I export to USB from Rekordbox, should I assume that all the cues and analysis will be done already even though I synced the cues from lexicon?

  3. If I want to share some songs to my friend so that they can simply plug and play from Rekordbox, how can I do that?

  4. If I stop using Lexicon in the future, will all my cues remain?

Thank you, these are just some concerns I have.

Serato stores cues and beatgrids in the MP3 (or other) files so when you bring that on a USB to another computer, the cues will be there. Rekordbox doesn’t do that, but you can prepare a Rekordbox USB and that will work in any computer that has Rekordbox (or CDJs).

When you export to USB in RB, tracks will be analyzed if needed and cues will be there from Lexicon.

You can stop using Lexicon at any time and everything you see in Serato or RB will stay there.

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Thank you! FInally I understood