How to import Virtual DJ Virtual folders

There is an option to import Virtual DJ playlists or virtual folders. When I select virtual folders, nothing appears. Only playlists show up. How do I import virtual folders?

Not sure I understand. Did you choose “Virtual Folders” as option and then imported? That should turn your VDJ virtual folders into Lexicon playlists

If I choose virtual folders and import, none of my virtual folders show up. If I choose playlists, they show up in a list which I can then select.

If I select “playlists” and then import (from VDJ), all of my playlists appear and I can select which ones to import.
If I select “Virtual Folders” and then import (from VDJ), no virtual folders show up, even though I have lots of them. Consequently, I am unable to import virtual folders which is one of my main reasons for using the program as I want to be able to add my VDJ virtual folders as playlists to Engine DJ.

Can you show me a screenshot of your virtual folders in VDJ? Maybe they are filter folders or something else? VDJ has quite a few different but similar options there

Otherwise I will have to check out your VDJ folder and give it a test here

They are definitely Virtual folders. It is worth noting that my music resides on Drive D and that is where the virtual folders are stored by default in D:/VirtualDJ/Folders/Virtual Folders . Playlists are stored by VDJ on drive C:

Okay interesting. How did you get them on the D: drive? I wasn’t aware of them being anywhere except the primary VDJ folder

I assume that VDJ chose that location as that is where the music files are. Whenever I create a new virtual folder, it always goes to drive D. I have VDJ on three PCS/laptops and I always put my music in the root of D drive and there is always a VDJ folder with “folders” and then “virtual folders” in the root of D, which I did not create myself.

It doesn’t do that here though…

Can you make a screenshot of the contents of both your VirtualDJ folders? So I can check which is the primary one

Here are shots of my folder structures. I still believe that the virtual folders end up on d drive because that is where my music is. If you check out the vdj site shot, you will see that the virtual folders can be anywhere you wish to put them but I’m not sure how you do that other than maybe moving them in windows.

I appear to have at least one in C drive and most in d drive.


Yeah I believe you, just not sure why it’s doing something different over here… I’ll have to do some testing

What VDJ version are you on?

They did recently change something in the folder structure. The main VDJ folder was at Documents/VirtualDJ and now it’s C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Local\VirtualDJ

So maybe they also changed how the virtual folders behave. Just speculating here…

Hi Christiaan,

I am on version V2023 b7462.

You can see the path names in the screenshots I sent. There are a couple of things in the appdata path as shown above.


Would you be able to include an option to browse for the virtual folders (or maybe filter folders as well) which would take care of the issue of where they might be?

Can you try the latest VDJ?

I can on one PC, but not the others as they are stable, and I leave well alone as long as I can.

I will let you know the outcome.