How to merge 2 lexicon libraries on 2 different laptops for serato

Hi Support

Right last question. I have 2 laptops runningblexicon on each. All of the tracks have now been sorted edited crap removed and all meta data updated on both serato laptops. In addition both file locations are internal ssds. The folder structure is identical on both laptops. How do i now merge both the serato play lists and tune locations on to one laptop? Watched as many videos as i can but all seem to be for external drive move from a to b and not merging.

Thanks for all your help.

Dj si

Merging is actually quite easy. All you have to do is keep the Merge with current library option enabled on the Import screen.

So to merge 2 laptops:

  1. Make sure your Serato on the 2nd laptop is synced to and has everything
  2. On your 1st laptop, make sure your Lexicon is up to date (import from Serato if needed)
  3. Make a backup on the 1st (Backup menu at the top, Cloud Database Backup is easiest if you are on Pro)
  4. Restore that backup on the 2nd laptop (that will overwrite your Lexicon there, that’s why it’s important that your Serato has everything on the 2nd laptop)
  5. Import from Serato on the 2nd laptop. Make sure the Merge with current library option is enabled

Now you should have everything in one Lexicon library.

To move the library to the 1st laptop again, use the database backup/restore again

Is first laptop old a d second laptop new?

Thanks bud you’ve been amazing.

The first laptop is the main one in my steps

So I manually move the tracks too from old to new? Lexicon doesn’t move for you?

Lexicon does not move your tracks no. You do need to get your tracks on the other laptop yourself. If possible, I highly recommend using the same username on the new laptop so you can put your tracks in the same spot.