How to move my rekordbox library from mac to pc efficiently


I have tried several times to move my rekordbox library from my Mac to my PC, but to no avail.
Many files are not found and messages that there are duplicate songs in the database appear. I can’t migrate natively.

I have many songs separated into subfolders, with files that have Unicode characters and I don’t want to miss anything.

My parent folder structure is basically like this, on Mac:

/users/rodrigovolta/music/music files

Within ‘Music Files’, I have several folders where each one is basically a musical genre, such as BALLAD, EDM, EASY LISTENING, POP, etc. Within some of these folders, I have others that, in this case, would be subgenres. For example, in the EDM folder, I have subfolders such as DANCE, DEEP HOUSE, ELECTRO, TECH HOUSE, FUTURE HOUSE, SOULFUL, among others. This helps me a lot to organize myself inside the computer’s SSD, even though all the songs have a genre in the Tags.

As I am from Brazil, I have a folder named BRASILEIRAS. In this folder, there are subfolders with Unicode characters such as AXÉ, FORRÓ, etc., but Mac and Windows recognize them perfectly, including Mac’s rekordbox without any problem. By the way, on Mac, everything works perfectly, without errors and without any kind of problem.

All songs now have tags in v.2.4 UTF-8 format and their filenames have the same name structure as ‘ARTIST - SONG.MP3’, just like their TAG. I already fixed everything in the same rekordbox.

I wanted to know if I’ll be able to move everything I have on my rekordbox Mac to the PC without losing anything and everything will be perfect like colors, hotcues, beatgrids, etc?


Yes, very possible, just follow this guide: Guide: Moving Lexicon to another computer | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

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Thank you very much, @Christiaan . I will try these steps.

Can you tell me why relordbox doesn’t do this natively effectively? Why is there always a problem when we do a platform migration? I don’t understand why it “gets lost” when relocating the files, when it should just change the parent location of the folders.

I don’t know what Rekordbox does internally to be honest, so I can’t really tell you.

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