I can find missing tracks in "tracks' but still missing in playlists

Hi I’m new here so forgive me if this has already been asked. I did take a look around and can’t find this specific solution.
I’ve imported by Rekordbox library and I’m using Lexicon to go through and fix all the file extensions and make sure everything is proper before backing up to a new drive. (thank you for this software btw) I have a LOT of files and have been playing for over two decades.
I am finding tracks that are missing in the playlists and when I try to relocate I can’t find them. However if I go to “Tracks” in Lexicon I can often find the track and even play it. But there is no way to connect the two. I can’t figure out how to make lexicon use the good file in place of the bad in my playlists. I even ran your duplicate to rid myself of bad tracks but that didn’t solve the problem either. (maybe it helped a little)
I am praying someone says “Oh just click ***” because holy crap that would save me so much headache. Like thousands of headaches
Now that I have one good file I’d love to replace it in the years worth of playlists.

Did you change something on your hard drive? You mentioned file extensions, did you change the file extensions of your music files? That part is not really clear to me

One of the biggest problems I have is repeat files in multiple locations. I was hoping I could get rid of the duplicate files and point the same title in playlists toward the good one that’s left.
So the files are all there they just have missing extensions. In the screen shots you’ll see The track on the top is playable but only located in one playlist. The unplayable track underneath is listed in many other playlists. I used the remove duplicate tool thinking that might heal these and put the good file extension in its place. I hope I’m explaining this correctly. I’m an old vinyl DJ with a history of terrible File management so I’m making an effort to clean everything up and move it to a different drive when it’s done.

What you’re describing is exactly how the Find Duplicates utility works. It will keep your playlists working, the “good” duplicate is kept and the others are removed (archived).

The problem might be that your tracks are missing (orange triangle), so Lexicon can’t scan the files and check if their audio is duplicate with others.

You can try running the Extract Artist From Title smart fix (left sidebar) so Lexicon will have a bit more info to match duplicates on. From your screenshot it looks like the artist field is not filled everywhere.

YES that is the problem - I also have tracks titles that were analyzed and renamed by mixed in key so that may be different in some tracks as well. It’s a mess I know I was hoping this genius bit of software could help lessen the arduous task ahead of me. I"ll give that a try and thank you - any suggestions are appreciated.

yeah I’m still kinda trying to work through this. There are variations in the title as you can see but these files have no good extension and aren’t playable at all. I wish there was a way to just connect them manually to the correct file. when I do the manual file search it doesn’t find anything but when I search the track name in “Tracks” this is what I get - clearly the playable file is there
I wish I could just easily tell the software to replace it with the file that’s good.

(I know this could seem a bit picky but I have like 1.5 terabytes of music I’m trying to clean up. it’s a little overwhelming)

The way to go is to use Find Duplicates here, because that is the utility that can replace tracks in your playlists so your playlists won’t break.

I would expect it to find the 4 duplicates in your screenshot since artists and titles are identical. As long as one of those duplicates isn’t missing (orange triangle), it should show them in the results.

Did you run Find Duplicates and check if those results are in there?

I did run it like 4 times until it didn’t find them anymore. then again after doing the artist removal you suggested where it found an additional 600 duplicates however I’m still having this issue. (the screenshots and post here are after I ran the duplicate feature out) I kind of wish there was a “Merge” or “Replace” feature I could click then highlight those three tracks and just drag and drop them on the good track making them disappear and fixing all the playlists they are listen in. Your software is still a gift from above even though my path forward is long. Unlike rekordbox I can see all the playlists these tracks are in and search for them and try to drag the good file in and then delete the files with missing links. Long process but still at least I can see a Clear path to victory and to be clear Lexicon has DRAMATICALLY reduced what was and has been an overwhelming Albatros hanging over my head so I’m grateful to have found you. Your response to my issues and willingness to help is really fantastic. Clear and helpful communication is so rare these days - Thank you

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Great :slight_smile: I wish I could help you more but it’s a pretty complex situation, so probably best to go for slow and steady.
Make a Lexicon backup once in a while, it’s super fast, just in case you misclick or something goes wrong.

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Honestly I’m finding this process so absolutely dooable thanks to you. I’m amazed at how manageable this has made my process. I’m super happy about this!

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