I dont understand how overwrite the edit when i make import in lexicon from rekordbox

Good evening, I’m new on lexicon.
I noticed that when I add new track or edit the playlist on rekordbox and import them on lexicon it doesn’t overwrite but duplicates, like if I add a new track and after that I made the import on lexicon the old ones are imported and therefore they are duplicated, why? I need only to overwrite non to re import.
Thank you

Maybe the locations of your tracks in RB have changed? Lexicon uses track location to determine if a track exists, so if your locations changed, it will think they are new tracks when you import

yes, i changed the location…thank you, what can i do now?

If you changed locations and your tracks work properly in RB, then I would suggest just importing again but keep the Merge option disabled. That will give you a fresh Lexicon library, so no duplicates.