Import complete but with warnings

Upon importing Traktor for the first time I received the notification “Import complete but with warnings: Report” which directed me to the report:

Generated on 2023-07-19 07:15
Library Import (Traktor) Report
Warning: 1 track(s) were not added to playlist “0. All”
Warning: 1 track(s) were not added to playlist “10. Slow”
Warning: 1 track(s) were not added to playlist “Trans”
Warning: 1 track(s) were not added to playlist “90s 00s slow”

Is there any way to determine which tracks weren’t imported and why? Maybe this could be made more verbose?

For testing purposes I deleted all my playlists in Lexicon and reimported them and received the same error a second time.

I have used “Upload Logs & Database” to provide you with further information.

It’s this track: C:// B - Bodak Yellow (Diggz Remix) [Longer].mp3 in all those playlists

Usually if only one or a few are getting skipped, they are odd or duplicate tracks and nothing to worry about.

I agree this could be logged more verbose

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Christiaan.

For anyone trying to solve this issue in the future. It appears the problem was due to the file being located on a network share // I already had this location mapped as a network drive in Windows so I switched to using my mapped versions at D:/ and the issue was fixed.

I believe Lexicon doesn’t know how to support network locations, when I open the metadata screen for the track to view the file location you’ll see the beginning of the network location is incorrect:

I’ll look into that

Just gave this a test but I don’t think Traktor properly supports network locations. What happens here is this:

  1. Add track to Traktor. It’s playable and completely normal.
  2. Add it to a test playlist
  3. Close Traktor
  4. Open Traktor
  5. Test playlist is empty

Lexicon is not involved in all that and it is being weird

That’s odd, I just ran a test here and I can add a track from a network location close Traktor reopen it and it’s still in the playlist. And the track plays.

This might be an edge case which I safe to ignore.