Import from iTunes - No pre-existing hot cues/grids?


I’m just getting to grips with Lexicon, geat piece of software!

I’ve been using iTunes/Music as my main library for Serato - after importing via iTunes using a .xml file, I’ve noticed that none of the beat grids of hot cues that were set using Serato are showing up?

I’ve tried analysing my library and checked “don’t overwirte existing”, but nothing still shows up…

Any help would be greatly appreciated

iTunes doesn’t store any cues or grids. What you need to do instead is import from Serato. Then you will get all the cues and grids.

Just leave the Merge option disabled so it will wipe your current library and import from Serato. That should give you everything you have in Serato in Lexicon.


Thanks for getting back to me… Would it work if I just finished sorting my playlists for the moment - synced with Serato, Analysed my files there again and then imported back into Lexicon via Serato as a workaround?

Rather than recreate all my iTunes playlists in Serato and sync with Lexicon now?

Yes you can also import from Serato with the Merge option enabled, then it won’t delete your tracks and playlists but it will import the cues.