Import hot cue from external drive

I wanted to know if there was a way to import the hot cues from engine and only the hot cues created by my prime 4 from an external hard drive.
So without changing the access paths to the file in my lexicon library located on my computer
I hope I was understandable

thanks in advanc

If your tracks were synced to the Prime 4 with Lexicon, then that is possible. You can import a playlist from the Prime and make sure the Merge option is enabled. You can then also enable the Specific Fields option to only import cues.

Yes, I tried, but it doesn’t work, it always takes the access path

What do you mean by access path?


I think you mean that they import with the location from the Prime 4? So they break if you disconnect the Prime.

That should be better in the next big update, there is a change how that works with Engine.

Meanwhile what should also work is that you export directly from Lexicon to the Prime 4, so skip Engine desktop completely. There is a Target Drive option on the sync page. After syncing, the import should work.

i m confuse because i can’t import hot cue from my prime 4 without break the location
it’s realy realy annoying

If you’ve synced from Lexicon to the Prime, then you should be able to import from the Prime.

But if you use Engine to sync to the Prime, then importing may not work as Lexicon may not be able to match to the correct tracks