Import Rekordbox library from PC to MAC

My library is on Rekordbox 5.8.2 on a PC. I want to migrate it all to my Mac running Lexicon (which I haven’t DL’d yet) . I attempted to go to RB 6 on the PC to make it easier pull it up on the MAC and then to the import from there. That’s how Christiaan said to do it, but there are a lot of tracks missing. I would like to avoid that and move to lexicon direct from RB 5.8.2. Can I save an XML file on my PC, manually move the audio files to the MAC and import that way?

Yes, that is possible too. The XML contains all your information expect the music files.

So copy the music files to the new Mac, keeping the folder structure as much as possible. Then import the XML into Lexicon on the Mac. Your files will be shown as missing so fix that with the Find Lost Tracks utility. If you didn’t change the folder structure it will be one simple fix, for example D:/ on the left side and /Volumes/My Drive/ on the right side.

Once all tracks aren’t missing anymore, sync to your empty RB on the Mac.

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Thank you Christiaan! I appreciate your help greatly. I look forward to using Lexicon.