Import Serato Crates to Denon Engine DJ

Hello all,

I would like to transfer my Serato Crates into Engine DJ. For this I have imported my Serato Library into Lexicon. Here everything is also displayed correctly. Now I select the crates to import into Engine DJ. Everything works and I am prompted to start Engine DJ after successful import. Also in Engine DJ the crates incl. subcrates are displayed in my collection. If I now sync them with the Syncmanager on my Prime4, no crates etc. are created. I just have a huge library on the Prime4 without any crates. What am I doing wrong.

Thanks for your help

You can sync directly to your Prime 4, so you can skip Engine DJ desktop altogether.

Look for the Target Drive option on the sync screen. Your Prime 4 needs to be in computer mode

Hi Christian,

thank you…I´ll try.