Import Tracks and Playlists is not progressing ad it freezes everytime

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Lexicon version: …
Operating system (remove one): Mac

Bug description: Import Tracks and Playlists Freezes

Step by step to reproduce: I was usually able to import all my tracks/playlist to lexicon without issue. I have a lot of songs and it always happens fast between serato and lexicon. Last week I have added a big chunk of music that I took from my DJ friend and since then I have been experiencing importing issues, I am pretty sure it has to do with the tracks/playlists that I imported fro my friend, they work great on serato and on rekordbox but as soon as I import them from serato to lexicon to start fixing some tags etc, it always freezes and never finish importing. please advise. I am happy to send you my serato backup file to check if there is a corrupted track or playlist that is causing the issue


Can you upload your logs? From the Help menu.

If Lexicon freezes completely, just restart it and then upload logs.

Could be a corrupted track, I’ve seen that before although it should skip them after a timeout. So not sure how long it was stuck, but waiting may help. Although if it is many corrupt tracks, then it would probably wait on timeout multiple times so the wait can be long. I’ll check in your logs

Just did. Thank you for checking.
I definitely has to do with the new tracks/playlist structure that i newly added.
I was so fast loading all i have in my serato to lexicon, doubling that amount of tracks and playlist shouldn’t slow it down like that.
By the way, I left it to load overnight, woke up and I believe it is complete with a million warning that many tracks arent added to the playlist.
Let me know what you see in the log

Seems to be something going wrong in the underlying beatshift scanner. Can you try running Cleanup, from the Help menu? Then import again

Also try importing a smaller playlist and see if that does work. I can’t really tell yet what is causing this problem

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