Import warnings (but seem to be fine?) From Engine DJ 3.1.0 to fresh Lexicon install

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Lexicon version: 1.4.0
Operating system (remove one): Windows 10

Bug description: Importing my database from Engine DJ desktop 3.1.0 causes a “Library Import” warning: “Import complete but with warnings”. Contents of log file are useless to diagnose. The following is all that’s in said log file:

Generated on 2023-06-22 17:46
Library Import (Enginedj) Report
Warning: 9 track(s) were not added to playlist “Hard Techno”

Step by step to reproduce: Start with a fresh install of Lexicon 1.4. Use Engine DJ 3.1.0 Desktop. Sync your library, including playlists. Results in importation of all playlists and tracks, but I get the following useless warning with no info in the logs: “Import complete but with warnings”. This happens every time (I’ve tried deleting everything and reimporting, wiping the previous database). It’s always the same message and same 9 tracks (but it doesn’t tell me what tracks). The odd thing is I did a side-by-side comparison of the playlists in Engine DJ and Lexicon: They both contain the exact same tracks and in the exact same order, so I don’t know why it’s giving me the warning. But given that it’s a warning, it makes me not want to use the product due to concerns of corrupting my Engine DJ DB if I export it.

My Engine DJ DB is about as simple as you can get: I didn’t import it from any other source. I simply dragged all the tracks I wanted into it and made my playlists in the app. I have had this since the initial release, so I don’t know if there’s some spurious entries in the db. It seems that only m.db is used in my case as I don’t use iTunes/Rekordbox/Tidal/etc.


Start of import screen from the sync panel:

Image after, just before the import confirmation button:

Resulting alert after importation every time:

Link to my m.db (and the journal):

Thanks, going to check that soon and send you an update

Sorry for the delay. Just checked your database and these 9 tracks appear to be old deleted tracks that are not in the database anymore. The playlist still refers to them so Lexicon thinks those 9 are missing. So in this case it is a harmless error and syncing back to Engine will not cause any trouble.

I’ll make sure that this warning does not appear for such old tracks anymore.

Thanks for reporting this!

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