Imported playlist now all previous changes are gone

hello, i had worked on my library and made changes to all of the artist and title labels, and added genre tags. I imported my itunes and serato dj playlists into lexicon and now all of the adjusted information is gone except for the genre tags. Is there any way to get back the titles and artist information as it was before importing those playlists ?
Thank you
Guy H

Lexicon makes backups here: Backups and how to restore them
So there may be something to restore, keep an eye on their date created.

As for why it happened; if you import it will overwrite existing tracks so if you made changes in Lexicon and then overwrite from a DJ app, then the data from the DJ apps will come in again and overwrite what you had in Lexicon.
If you want to import and prevent the above from happening, you can use the Specific Fields option and only import the fields that you want, the rest won’t be overwritten.

Thank you kind sir, I hope that it works. Spent weeks getting everything just right and was geting ready to import everything into serato when i noticed the warning about the playlists. You guys might want to include a step by step tutorial for each platform, wouldnt hurt and its always better to go forward correctly rather than 2 steps forward 1 step back.
appreciate the platform, still learning, thank you for your service

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