Importing from traktor does not always get first cue point

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Lexicon version: 0.3.35
Operating system: Mac

Bug description
When doing an import from traktor it seems that not all tracks get their first “auto grid” cue point that traktor saves populated in Lexicon.

To make it more interesting, If i import the library again to pull any changes i made in traktor over to Lexicon, some tracks that once had first cues do not, and some that didnt now do.

Running the cue point generator seems to work to fix it, but sometimes it also doesn’t get the first cue point in there (that may be a separate problem?)

Let me know if you would like any files, or databases, or collections. This may also just be a traktor issue, i am on Version 3.5.2 296


Now that I look at this issue closer and not a 1AM, It looks like this may be an export from lexicon issue. I can re-analyze the tracks in Traktor, they get the cue points. I can then pull them back into lexicon and they will have their first cue point.

Continuing a spot check to see if that is in fact the case. I will also export a small batch and replace my traktor collection to test and report back with my results

after some quick testing, its much more clear now that it is an issue when exporting from Lexicon. Some tracks dont get their first cue point exported, even when they have it inside of lexicon and traktor on import.

I’ve dropped my NML files in here. the “missing first cue” file is only a small part of my library that I exported from Lexicon some track titles that are missing cues are “Train surfing” “my house” “gents” and “saw you for the first time”

I’ve also attached my complete library and the export of the “orange” tracks, since that is what i was using to test.

Hope this helps!

Thanks again for the great work, love the software so far!!!
entire collection: collection.nml (9.4 MB)

exported from lexicon: collection-missing first cue.nml (574.7 KB)

traktor (with first cues) of same folder exported from lexicon: 1 Deep _ Dark _ Chill (orange).nml (616.6 KB)

Thanks for the detailed report!
Can you also upload your Lexicon library (from the Help menu)? Please mention this forum post URL in it, thanks!

Thanks, think I got it figured out. The cue was getting skipped because it had a beat marker at the exact same position, which is normally okay in Traktor (a white cue) but the beat marker was invisible. I changed it so beat markers are still always invisible but the normal cue should appear at the same position now.

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