Importing libraries with cue points to Serato

Hi there,

I’ve just signed up to Lexicon with the intention of moving my Rekordbox library, which is where I set my cue points, over to Serato Pro in order to use the cue points I’ve created in Rekordbox.

Lexicon says ‘Lexicon converts everything that can be converted. All your playlists, tracks, cue points, loops are all accurately converted to any other DJ app.’ - so I paid for a subscription to only use this feature.

I’ve successfully imported my library from Rekordbox into Lexicon and all the Rekordbox cue points are visible.

Now when synching this same library to Serato via Lexicon, I don’t see any cue points in Serato.

Could you please help advise where I’m going wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Are you using dynamic analysis in Rekordbox by any chance?
I recently found a bug where the large amount of beatgrid markers that RB adds is a problem when syncing to Serato, resulting in no updates being made to the files (so no cues either).

You can test this by re-analyzing a track in Lexicon and letting it overwrite (right click a track → Analyze) so a new beatgrid is created. Syncing that track to Serato should show the cues it had then.

That bug will be fixed in the update coming later this week.