Importing of VDJ Folders/Playlists

Hi There. New Subscriber to Lexicon. Trying to import from VDJ is a problem. VDJ has a section called Lists and Advice and i have about 4 music folders there. That is the ONLY folders that Lexicon picks up when playlist is chosen. When i choose FULL it imports ALL Songs from VDJ (i assume it is all) and places it under a playlist called Lexicon. How do I go about importing individual folders from VDJ. Alternatively i would like to import folders from my external hard drive, work on them in Lexicon and then export them back to the external hard drive. Can i get any kind of assistance please?

Did you try the import option in Lexicon to choose Playlists or Virtual Folders?

Yes i have tried both. In VDJ there is a section that is called List and Advice under which they have playlists. I have 5 Playlists there and when i choose playlist in Lexicon these are the 5 folders thats available to me. Nothing shows when virtual folders are chosen. When i drag a folder from my external hard drive and work on it in Lexicon and export it to VDJ it appears in the playlist under List and Advice. My issue is that i open and play from my external hard drive when i play in VDJ.

Okay so that means you don’t have any playlists? Just file system folders that you work out of directly in VDJ?

Yes. So i would go to my Desktop in VDJ and open my External Hard Drive and once i open that then all my folders appear on the side list. So my problem is that when i update that folder (say i import it from my hard drive to Lexicon) and then export the Lexicon updated folder to VDJ i cannot update the hard drive with the new information and/or format. It would be ideal for me if i could export it back to my hard drive.

Well that’s not how Lexicon works, you do need to use playlists or virtual folders. That’s how you carry over information to VDJ.

You could drag your music folder into Lexicon, over the playlist area. Then it will create playlists from all sub-folders. So it would be similar to what you use now. If you make changes there, you can sync those playlists.

Thank you. So Lexicon has no plans to introduce import and export of folders to other mediums such as hard drives as opposed to DJ Software only?

Yep, no plans to browse file system through Lexicon. Lexicon works with the DJ app databases for a much better experience. File system as playlists is archaic and limited…

Thank you, your app is amazing but it just doesn’t work for me. Hopefully when you guys decide to introduce importing and exporting to external hard drives i would be back.

Okay no worries :+1:

Ok i seem to have found a way to achieve what i want to do. Fingers crossed that it works

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